Venkat Subramaniam na 33rd Degree 2014

Venkat Subramaniam jest niekwestionowaną gwiazdą konferencji 33rd Degree. Na tegorocznej edycji przedstawił trzy tematy. Oto one:

Keynote: The Joy of Functional Programming

It’s been around for a long time, but everyone’s talking about it all of a sudden. But why and why now? We’ve been programming in languages like Java for a while, quite well. Now we’re asked to change and the languages themselves are changing towards this style of programming. In this keynote, a passionate polyglot programmer and author of „Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions” will share the reasons we need to make the paradigm shift and the pure joy – the benefits – we will reap from it.

Demystifying invokedynamic

Invoke dynamic is a Java 7 feature that had the most impact at the bytecode level and also in terms of performance. First perceived as a feature to help dynamically typed languages on the JVM, it turned into a powerful feature that has been exploited quite a bit in the implementation of features in the Java language itself. In this presentation we will understand what problem this features really solves and how it has influenced other features in the Java language and on the Java platform.

Exploring Nashorn

JavaScript has gained the attention of programmers, once again. If you’re programming on the JVM, Nashhorn is an exciting tool to execute JavaScript, to interface with the ecosystem. Come to this presentation to learn about the strengths and capabilities of Nashorn.

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